The Fall

A film by Tarsem Singh, Great Britain/India/USA 2006, 116 min, English with German subtitles

“Be a good bandit”, stuntman Roy tells little Alexandria. Both of them are patients in a hospital in Los Angeles in 1915. His exuberant and fantastical story of five mythical heroes and a devilish villain casts its spell over them both. But really he has only one aim: to make Alexandria steal morphine from the hospital’s pharmacy in order to end his life. His failed jump from the railway bridge that broke both his legs was his first failed suicide attempt. The fairyland he has created for Alexandria progressively darkens.

While travelling the globe shooting films for the advertising industry, Indian director Tarsem Singh sought out the world’s most exotic locations. He shot his gargantuan and completely self-financed project over four years in twenty different countries. Singh banks on authentic, tangibly sensual images of blazing hot deserts and exotic palaces, dervish dances and bizarre animals instead of computer-animated fantasy. “Many people equate reality with a wobbly hand camera and a gritty look. Cinéma vérité is really so simple!”, as he says. At the same time, The Fall is a loving homage to the era of the silent movies and their daredevil stuntmen.


»The Fall” is a film of lavish beauty. It almost seems as if each new episode wants to surpass the previous one in elegance and opulence. And yet the images are not computer generated: without exception they were all actually filmed – just like the original shots from the era of the silent movies you can see at the end of the film. Nearly a hundred years have passed since then, and yet we still marvel at the unparalleled daring of the film pioneers of those days. Tarsem’s masterpiece thus also demonstrates that the magic of cinema is immortal.« cinema


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