(Deutsch) Produktionen 2012


Leo – Circle of eleven

In a 60-minute hybrid of acting, physical theatre and acrobatics, Daniel Bière succeeds in defying gravity. In order to do this, he needs a brilliant stage concept and highly original video projections. On the basis of  a comedy act that acrobat Tobias Wegner invented in 2008 with CIRCLE OF ELEVEN, Brière has developed a non-verbal [...]


Money – it came from outer space – Chris Kondek & Christiane Kühl

What is more fantastic – science fiction or our belief in money? If we were under the impression that money is a means of exchange, by using old science fiction thrillers and as yet unpublished video material, CHRIS KONDEK and CHRISTIANE KÜHL show us the brutal truth in their videotheatre performance: money is an alien. [...]


2401 Objects – Analogue

During PAZZ 2008, ANALOGUE had a success with their associative production Mile End. From there, an artistic friendship grew and found expression in 2011 with the co-production 2401 Objects, which can now be seen once more. It is about the medically fascinating case of Henry Molaison who underwent an experimental brain operation, fell into amnesia [...]


Foot Washing for the Sole – Adrian Howells

no one rivals Adrian Howells in his desire to dissolve boundaries between the audience and the artist. In his radically distance-free works, he meets those who dare to let themselves go in a highly intimate way. Howell’s current performance revives a century-old tradition and spiritual ritual that has been lost in our secularized world: he [...]


The Children’s Choice Awards – Mammalian Diving Reflex

The red carpet will be rolled out and the decisions are as significant as they are subjective: so everything is just like in real life when adolescents judge adult productions during the PAZZ and award prizes to different categories. The Children’s Jury will become an integral part of the festival and its structure. Who will [...]


The Best Sex I’ve Ever Had – Mammalian Diving Reflex

Many do it but hardly anyone talks about it: The Best Sex I‘ve Ever Had deals with sexuality in old age. MAMMALIAN DIVING REFLEX interviewed people past 65 for their performance in Toronto and during PAZZ 2010. The central question is: What was the best sex of your life? The Best Sex I’ve Ever Had [...]


Etiquette – Rotozaza: Ant Hampton & Silvia Mercuriali

Two people sit opposite each other in the middle of the festival hubbub and talk. In this apparently normal, everyday situation, there is an odd arrangement to the conversation: both are wearing headphones that dictate what they have to say. Talking to someone without being able to plan your own sentences, and not having the [...]


The Quiet Volume – Ant Hampton & Tim Etchells

Libraries anywhere in the world have a particular tension. This comes from the atmosphere of quietness and concentration, and the very individual way each visitor is engrossed in his or her book. TIM ETCHELLS AND ANT HAMPTON developed The Quiet Volume as a whispered, selfgenerated performance in the reading room of a library conceived for [...]

OK OK – Ant Hampton & Gert-Jan Stam

The minimalistic comedy OK OK is ›performed‹ by the audience themselves in the container: the audience receives a script with parts marked for them to read. They sit opposite one another and read aloud. Meaning and emphasis occur spontaneously. No headphones are used, and anyone can read what the others are saying. The text always [...]


Elsewhere, Offshore – part 1 • Cue China – Ant Hampton

Cue China is ANT HAMPTON’S most complex experiment to date. His investigations of language and identity go further than in his previous pieces: Am I speaking? Or is it the Chinese migrant labourer’s story that we’ve just heard? Am I really looking at the face of the person I am talking to? In PAZZ 2012, ANT [...]

Schrift von innen – Carl von Ossietzky Universität

In der ContainerCity öffnen wir einen Container für studentische Projekte und Initiativen: A showcase of public speech Speeches of thanks, blessings, congratulatory speeches, chairing a discussion, officialese, oaths, congratulations and public announcements: From 20-22nd April, these “figures of speech” will be collected and recorded, an experimental show of gestures, intonation and formulations. The collection will [...]

Passepartout – may contain theatre

In der ContainerCity öffnen wir einen Container für studentische Projekte und Initiativen: I spy with my little ear… Four participants at a time will be led through the container with an audio guide. The voice over the earphones gives what is being seen a framework and therefore produces a new experience. Seeing is not all [...]


My Place, Your Home – Priscilla Robinson

TRANZZFER – CONTAINERCONTEST An international competition for cross-border performative projects.Curator: Erik Altorfer From 60 entries, PAZZ 2012 has chosen three unusual actions and installations for the ContainterCity on the festival theme of TRANZZFER: opportunities for extraordinary encounters between spectators and artists.   PRISCILLA ROBINSON – Ireland MY PLACE, YOUR HOME. (Help me make it happen!) [...]


coffee & prejudice – mercimax

TRANZZFER – CONTAINERCONTEST An international competition for cross-border performative projects. Curator: Erik Altorfer From 60 entries, PAZZ 2012 has chosen three unusual actions and installations for the ContainterCity on the festival theme of TRANZZFER: opportunities for extraordinary encounters between spectators and artists.   MERCIMAX – Switzerland COFFEE & PREJUDICE Which stories about past misdemeanours do [...]


Blind Lunch – Katia Giuliani

TRANZZFER – CONTAINERCONTEST An international competition for cross-border performative projects. Curator: Erik Altorfer From 60 entries, PAZZ 2012 has chosen three unusual actions and installations for the ContainterCity on the festival theme of TRANZZFER: opportunities for extraordinary encounters between spectators and artists.   KATJA GIULIANI – Italy BLIND LUNCH Psychologists maintain that encountering darkness is [...]


Call Me: When You Get There – Metro Boulot Dodo

The life of every cell phone begins packaged in a container; the phone memory is empty, it has no contacts, no messages. As soon as you, the owner, turn it on, it starts to store your memories: your ring tone, screen saver, address book and your photographs. Your telephone slowly becomes a mirror of your [...]

Guidance to the City – Reality Research Center

What is reality? How can we grasp it, communicate it and depict it? REALITY RESEARCH CENTER offers the opportunity to talk to an artist and encounter his/her aesthetic categories, visions and ideas. Together, the conventions of urban life are investigated while roaming through the city. Why do these structures exist? Why do we maintain them? [...]


Ten Journeys to a Place Where Nothing Happens – Juha Valkeapää & Taito Hoffrén

The musicians, language and performance artists JUHA VALKEAPÄÄ AND TAITO HOFFRÉN deserve a bow as doyens of performance theatre. In Ten Journeys to a Place Where Nothing Happens, the duo serves the public with Finnish pancakes in a ContainerCity tent. It is a wonderful place of leisureliness at the centre of the festival’s hustle and [...]


A Machine To See With – Blast Theory

BLAST THEORY transform public space into theatre space and the viewer into an actor: the spectator’s cell phone rings and a voice guides him to an agreed rendezvous. Once there, his phone rings again and new instructions are given that take him through town. He becomes the lead actor in a heist movie. As he hides [...]


Caravan of Love – Fräulein Wunder AG

The mobile employment agency for love service The FRÄULEIN WUNDER AG  delivers whatever feels good. They will drive through Oldenburg during the festival in their Caravan of Love, substituting paid work with artistic ‘love’ services in the neoliberal disguise of a mobile employment agency. Then, using great charm and creativity, they will do everything they [...]


White Rabbit / Red Rabbit – Nassim Soleimanpour

As a conscientious objector, the 28-year-old NASSIM SOLEIMANPOUR doesn’t qualify for a passport and therefore cannot leave his home country of Iran. In his production, however, he turns the situation to his advantage. Along the lines of no known theatre convention, actors read his script unrehearsed, complete with stage directions and audience participation. The result [...]


Container talks

The container talks open up a space for discussions that are both aesthetic and substantial. The aim is a public debate on the festival productions, embedded in a discussion on themes concerning contemporary theatre. Artists, festival organisers, dramaturges and journalists will be able to come together for this professional exchange. Each discussion will start with [...]


Aus der Mitte der Gesellschaft – Marc Becker

A spoken concert In a brilliant ›spoken concert‹, four people take stock of a society that is increasingly divided into poor and rich, with the middle class shrinking at the centre. No one believes in utopia any more; everyone knows that seismic economic and ecological changes are going to take place. Fear is palpable. A [...]


untried untested – Kate McIntosh

In a playful experiment of bodies and objects, the stage itself is the centre of attention in what seems to be a derelict landscape and installation, permanently transformed by the four performers’ constant dismantling and rearranging. With sometimes common and at other times unusual materials, they put themselves in unexpected, comic and occasionally downright dangerous [...]


Der (kommende) Aufstand nach Friedrich Schiller – andcompany&Co.

Pieces by the performance collective ANDCOMPANY&CO. oscillate between theatre and theory, politics and practice. The co-production Der (kommende) Aufstand nach Friedrich Schiller was premiered in the Exerzierhalle a few weeks ago: Shortly before the French Revolution, Schiller celebrated the Eighty Year War, or Dutch War of Independence from the Spanish that signified for him the [...]


Ringside – Mem Morrison Company

MEM MORRISON’s Ringside draws the lifetime of remembered Turkish Cypriot family weddings. The fascination of his art lies in his intensive search for forms in which to express himself, and in the strength of the images he finds – direct, authentic and at the same time artistically transformed.Using the celebration and rituals of remembered wedding [...]


This is my father – Ilay den Boer

The promised feast part 3 People already took notice of ilay den boer at Oldenburg’s GO WEST Festival in 2010 with his piece Bon Appetit, the first of his six-part biographical performance project. In the third part, Ilay actually encounters his father Gert. Father and son talk about and live out their relationship on stage, [...]


Lachen – Antonia Baehr

A musical solo evening in the Exerzierhalle: a laughter performance. The voice artist ANTONIA BAEHR asked friends and family for musical scores of her laughter and from this, she has created a composition of various types of laughter, including an attempt at the record for a laughing fit. She doesn’t intend to make comedy: laughter [...]


Dress me up in your love – Theatre Replacement

People wear clothes – and clothes become bearers of their stories. We express something about ourselves through them, and without them, we’re unprotected and exposed. theatre replacement’s performers make their stories speak. They try out clothes belonging to certain people and experience them as a memory pool of their private moments. The stories are full [...]


Avanti Infantilitanti – Marc Becker

A Children’s Birthday Party with Music (2012) The author and director in residence at the Oldenburgisches Staatstheater has developed a new piece especially for PAZZ 2012 and its premiere will open the festival. With their seismographic interest in knowledge and clever comedy, MARC BECKER’S productions trace society’s oscillations. In Avanti Infantilitanti, he celebrates its increasing [...]

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