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Analogik (Aarhus/Denmark)

Danish Pirates with swinging beards: Twitchy legs – catchy tunes – guttural bass Things have gotten a little mixed up. Throbbing beats with playful synth fanfares, swinging jazz guitars with intricate Balkan rhythms. Analogik is a mixed-up bunch of Danish guys who play music for every part of the body: catchy tunes for your ears, [...]


The Pussywarmers (Lugano/Tessin)

Love, death und the devil: Dorian Gray dances to the funeral march by Tom Waits Five lads from Tessin plunge the depths of drums, double bass, megaphone, guitar, banjo, accordion, glockenspiel and brass that open up between dimly-lit cabaret and acoustic punk, eccentric Klezmer and swaying funeral march music. And they’re always circling the same [...]

Meandthe devil

Me And The Devil (Oldenburg)

Jazzy Indie guitars and many monsters between the lines Brand new and hot, this is Oldenburg’s first so-called “super group”. Lars Kaempf, Arne Meyer, Dirk Brumund-Rüther and Hauke Krone have earned their stripes elsewhere – now they’ve taken the lead from behind with their jazz-indie rock band Me and the Devil. They’re all young colts [...]


HAKK (Steinsoultz, Paris)

The eclectic minimal popsmith from the Alsace HAKK don’t need much to conjure up their finely interwoven, minimalistic songs. A few agile, acoustic twangs, a little elegantly understated electronic rustling, a joyful piano, a laid-back bass, here an aaahhh, and there an ooohhh. Over the top, the Alsace-based Eckhard Harms-Leroux croons sensual texts in English, [...]


Les Fils de Teuhpu (Paris)

When the sound of spades and giant shells flirts with Balkan tunes The Sons of Teuphu are a real phenomenon. In the last 15 years, they’ve played more than a thousand concerts in in France – and yet they’re still too rarely onstage. Using some homemade instruments, they charmingly flirt with ska, jazz, polka and [...]



26.04. 21h Live playalong to short films – Headphone-Concert – The musicians of the band Le Chat Électrique (Hamburg, Oldenburg, Mannheim) are introducing their newest work on PAZZ OUT, they produced new soundtracks for short-film classics. With the help of field recordings, analog synthesizers and samplings they play theirs scores live via headphones. The short-film [...]


De fofftig Penns (Hamburg, Berlin)

Dree-Mann-Shantychor – elegant rhymes in North German dialect to a striking, bleeping electro hip hop Who thinks Grandma’s dialect is cool? This trio do! Riemelmeester Malde, Kommodige Jaykopp, and Plietsche Torbän (musicians with such great names deserve a hug) have been putting music through the shredder for some years now– and what comes out is [...]


NikiNeun (Oldenburg)

Rock bombshells: NikiNeun unite with divinely distorted guitars When indie rock is so messy and bizarre, then it sounds good. The Oldenburg band NikiNeun has been around for four year with lyrics first in English, now in German. They always had divinely distorted guitars, but recently, a synth can be heard here and there. NikiNeun [...]


Amigo del Sol (Oldenburg)

The endless summer that swings, rocks, thuds and quakes These Oldenburg boys sped their lives on stage. The frontman shaking his thing is Falko Burkert – and he wasn’t even born when this music first came booming out of mono radios. His double bass hits you right in the entrails, a thumb-twanking guitar conjures up [...]


Abi Wallenstein & Blues Culture (Hamburg)

Batschkapp Blues – earth, mud and the flowing waters of the Elbe You have to rub your eyes and ears: a melodic harmonica sound, brazenly strummed guitar strings and a voice that seemed to be layered with nicotine and Southern Comfort – how laid-back is that! New Orleans? No, Hamburg. Abi Wallenstein, Steve Baker and [...]


Hier & Jetzt (Hamburg)

Sparks fly off drums and catchy tunes foot the bill Pow! Wham! Zing! Dominik Bornhorn plucks like a dervish on his bassguitar string as thick as his thumb. Ina Bredehorn does the same to her vocal chords. Brass flashes, bedding down with warm organ sounds and bass drums. Hier und Jetzt makes the sparks fly [...]


Simon & Jan (Oldenburg)

The heady world of consumer goods dismembered by two barstools and two guitars Jan Traphan and Simon Eickhoff from Oldenburg would belt out their songs from any old stage – as long as it had two barstools and a microphone. To the sound of their acoustic guitars and with mischievous grins on their faces, they [...]


Volxtanz (Stuttgart)

Vodka, then sport: two handfuls of musicians with percussion and wind instruments During the recent Stuttgart 21 Demo, the stage quickly proved to be too small: two handfuls of musicians with percussion and wind instruments jostled for space among vodka-soaked Balkan beats, nosebleed-polka and Klezmer-like ska. When Volxtanz take the stage, there’s no holding back. [...]


Alyuvar (Mannheim)

Red like blood – in search of a land of milk and honey, and freedom From the melting pot of Mannheim, six young musicians set off across the globe and get the world to dance. In their search for a land of milk and honey, and freedom, they take with them all the things that [...]


Fnessnej (Darmstadt)

Instrumental-rock-n-roll-electro-jiggle: eight legs, four heads, old computers, 30 instruments and 250 metres of cable Fnessnej (so they claim) are a rhythmic-melodic synthesis made of eight legs, four heads, about ten percussion instruments, five string instruments, old computers, 357 keys on 12 keyboards and about 250 metres of cable. And they’re really loud. Fnessnej (we claim) [...]


Les Trucs (Frankfurt a.M.)

Opera of Noise: totally hyper electro-punk Madness! In the middle of the audience Tobias and Charlotte stand face to face on their trestle table, banging down on innocent machines whose countless switches, keys and buttons flash as they wrench totally hyper electro-punk from their insides. Think Kraftwerk with dirty hair. Or Motörhead on a synth. [...]


DJ Robot Koch (Berlin)

Robots don’t sleep – they spin discs and hard drives Berlin music producer and DJ Robot Koch gets his discs spinning in Oldenburg. Subsonic basses sweep the dance floor, deep enough to make your trousers throb. Destiny’s Child and Lou Ragland are steeped in the rumbling mix of dubstep, grime und electro-pop. This is the [...]

sneaky with daniel

Sneaky & Daniel Bachmann (Manchester, Berlin)

Drums & double bass, rupturing rhythms, pulsating bodies and a stage full of landmines ‘Sneaky’ Simon Houghton and his upright bass – if Picasso would have been still alive, he surely would draw them, and he’d fuse them together in a wild explosion of colours. Music history is dripping out of Simon’s fingers while he’s [...]


Graciela Maria & Sneaky(Mexico-City, Manchester, Berlin)

A pulsating carpet of sound to accompanying analogue dub and trip-hop. A densely-woven sound carpet of throbbing electronic beats, heart-warming cello strings played by Sneaky aka Simon Houghton, and a phat booming bass. In the fireplace, there’s a crackling digital fire going and Graciela’s voice resounds across space. Graciela Maria & Simon Houghton create their [...]

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