Big Taxi Theatre

Falling in love is a difficult thing to do. Falling in love is also one of the easiest goals we can achieve in life. Contradiction in terms. Maybe. But let me explain.
Whenever we enter a theatre we are about to fall in love. Sometimes even just a few seconds away from a first kiss. At other times we find ourselves in the middle of a brutal and unforgiving divorce battle right before the longingly anticipated intermission.
And then there are those Big Taxi moments when we suddenly realize that our scorned lover from last nights show was indeed some quite amazing piece of work we would be only too glad to bring back on our stage of memories. So falling love with a play proves to be quite a difficult affair.
As for right now we are constantly in the process of starting and breaking up love affairs. Sometimes with up to four shows a day. It’s living on the edge of polygamy on some nights. Filing for divorce due to for irreconcilable differences the next. And even crying over a lost love in the morning. At the end of the day all that could quite possibly leave one with a strong persistent desire for a TV set and a case of beer. Maybe even cause a serious skin condition on entering any kind of theatrical sourroundings.
But very much to my personal surprise everybody here is only getting keener about starting new relationships, chasing first kisses or throwing punches. So for now, at least in Oldenburg, the performing arts can consider themselves some lucky bastards getting laid very night out. Keep up the good fight, guys.

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